Supply Chain Connector

Easily Access Your Supply Chain Data

Transforming your complex supply chain data into easy-to-use data sets.

Get an Accurate Picture
of Your Materials Cost

Evaluate Buyer/Supplier
Performance & Purchasing

Improve On Contract Purchasing
Ratios with Better Analysis

Tired of wasting time slogging through data?

Because report writing tools can’t easily read source data, creating reports is difficult and time consuming. Dashboard Gear’s Supply Chain Connector translates your complex source data into organized data sets so your reporting tool can quickly and easily create accurate procurement reports.

Supply chain reporting doesn’t have to be so hard.

How Dashboard Gear Works

1. Gather

Dashboard Gear gathers data from your various data sources.

2. Translate

We compile that data into your Dashboard Gear datamart.

3. Report

Use your favorite reporting software to easily create reports!

Seamless integration with your favorite tools.

Seamless Integrations with Your Favorite Tools

Ready to get started?

Stop wasting time slogging through data. Here’s how you can start speeding up your reporting process…


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