Tired of creating multiple report copies? 

With Dashboard Gear’s Report Distribution Toolkit for SSRS, defining row level data filters for your reports is simple. Now you can easily filter your reports to only display the data each user is assigned to. No more need to run and distribute individual reports manually!

For example…

Say you have a HR Report you’d like to distribute to various Vice Presidents, but you only want them to see their division. Using our Report Distribution toolkit, this process is simple:

1. Define the Filter

In this case, you will filter by division

2. Define the User

Match the VPs to the division data you’d like them to see

3. Define the Report

Map the filter to the HR Report you’ve prepared

4. That’s It!

Each user will only see what they’ve been assigned

Our Toolkit Supports

Logic for Individuals and Groups – AD as well as custom
Ranges of Values – i.e. All companies that start with 1
Complex Rules – such as filters combining multiple data elements

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