Spend More Time Understanding Your Business and Less Time Writing Reports

Tired of searching through tables of data? Frustrated because you can’t find the information you’re looking for?
Dashboard Gear takes complex data and translates it so your reporting tools can easily run queries and create reports and analytics.

How It Works

1. Connect

Dashboard Gear connects to your application data.

2. Translate

Our connector translates your information into easy to use datasets.

3. Report

Start running queries and creating reports with the reporting tool of your choice!

Our datasets seamlessly integrate with standard tools such as SSRS, Crystal Reports, Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Birst, etc.

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“With our previous tool, it took the accountants a couple hours to prepare the monthly data for analysis. Utilizing the Dashboard Gear cube, the data preparation takes less than a minute.”

Pam, Advocate Health Care

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“Reports can be generated easily and quickly…Instead of running several reports out of the system to find the answer to a question, we can just put together one report by using this tool and get the answer to our question right away!”

Etilvia, Kelsey-Seybold

“Dashboard Gear makes access to current data so much easier… We had a host of reports that needed manual data input, but with Dashboard Gear, that manual step is eliminated saving accounting hours of time.”

Tim, Covenant Retirement

Our Connectors

Easily retrieve data from your financial, HR and procurement applications.


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Human Resources

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Supply Chain

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We’ll answer your questions and show how you can easily create reports with our datasets.

Install and Configure

Your implementation consultant will install & configure your application (included in License Fee).

Training and Review

Our team will walk you through how to utilize your new reporting & analytics platform.

Start Creating Reports

Easily run queries and create reports and analytics to help drive your organization toward success!

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Other Solutions

Report Distribution Kit

Define report users and the data they have access to.

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Consulting Services

End-to-end business intelligence and report development services.

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